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Riding a bike It’s a perfect way to lose weight and active sightseeing. There is so many beautiful views around. I really don’t like bike paths in Warsaw and definitely prefer paths outside the city. There’s much prettier.
During one-hour cycling we can burn up to 500 calories. You should remember that your body burns calories after 40 minutes of working. I usually ride a bike about 1,5 h (25-30 km).


Benefits of cycling:
– Burning of calories (up to 500 calories during one hour)
– Reduce the level of bad cholesterol
-Reduce blood sugar
– Increasing lung capacity
– Stimulation of the heart
– Improves endurance and muscle strength
– Improving fitness
– Eliminating fatigue
– Production of endorphins that cause well-being.
I really hope that after reading this post you will decide to start cycling.




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