Pictures of May

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Without doubts,May is one of the most beautiful months of the year! Nature comes to life, trees and shrubs begin to bloom, and thermometers show increasingly higher temperature. For me May is associated with beautiful scent of lily of the valley and lilac. I was very busy and had a lot of things to do, but it wasn’t so hard in this month-beautiful weather is the biggest motivation!

I had the opportunity to lead a meeting with Anna Herbich – an author of the book “The girls from Siberia.” This event was held in Matras bookstore in Poznań. I must say that it was really amazing experience. Ania is a very nice person with huge knowledge about Polish history. I was totally impressed. After this event we were coming back to Warsaw in the same train and talking about history for long hours. In ”The girls from Siberia” Ania described very touching story about young girls from Poland. It is worth reading!



I have been writing also a new article about Finland for a few days. My text will be published in one of the most popular Polish travel magazine. I can’t wait to see this publication. Now I’m planning to write several new articles about Scandinavia and maybe about some polish places. Beautiful weather encouraged me to physical activity. I can’t imagine life without my bike. See more pictures from last month.


Beautiful weather is so is mobilizing to physical activity. I couldn’t image life without my bike.

See more pictures from last month.



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